More ’90s Shows Worth Rebooting After ‘Full House’ To Scratch Our Nostalgic Itch

How are you enjoying having the Tanners back in your life? The reviews for Fuller House have largely been toxic (reminder: Josh Kurp has a fantastic review of the series), but your timeline is probably stuffed with friends and family sharing warm memories attached to the series and its original TGIF incarnation. Yes, 90s TV is here to swaddle in its warm nostalgia-y blanket and reassure you that you’re not old, you’re, uh, *panicks* HEY GUYS REMEMBER RUSH HOUR RENEGADES?

Full House isn’t the only show that occupied time in the 90s to swing back round for another tour-of-duty. The X-Files just wrapped up its return, Twin Peaks is in revival mode and there’s even a Baywatch movie on the horizon. We’re living in an age where the O.J. Simpson trial has somehow RETURNED to being the most talked about thing on television. If there’s ever been a time for Suddenly Susan to return as a crime procedural, 2016 is waiting for Brooke Shields and the gang with open arms.

Seeing as 90s throwbacks are hot Hot HOT at the moment, we here at UPROXX have assembled a dream team of potential reboots from the in-demand decade. Located at the top of this very post (LUCKY YOU!) is an 83-second video tour of the shows UPROXX considers revival-worthy. We’re not saying it’d be a snap to reboot The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but that’s why we’re playing fantasy TV execs as opposed to real ones. Which 90s show did we miss in our video wish list? Weigh in with your dream reboot in the comments and see how many other people have alarmingly strong opinions about Sliders.