We Tried Selena Gomez’s Serendipity Ice Cream Flavor — Should You?

Selena Gomez is pretty much good at everything she does. She’s a great actress, most recently on the brilliant Only Murders In The Building which earned her a Critic’s Choice nomination for Best Actress, no easy feat when you’re working alongside powerhouses like Martin Short and Steve Martin. She has a successful makeup line, a cooking show, works behind the scenes in Hollywood as an executive producer, and she’s dropped a string of pop hits throughout her career.

One of those hits, 2020’s BlackPink collaboration “Ice Cream,” inspired an ice cream flavor by Serendipity brands, a label owned by famed Upper East Side dining staple, Serendipity 3, which Gomez was an early investor in. Oh, we forgot to mention — she’s an investor too!

Serendipity Brands make a variety of premium quality ice cream flavors available in a few East Coast states as well as nationwide online (we’ve spoken well of them before). The brand’s ice cream flavors are beloved for being rich, creamy, pop-culture hip (they have a Friends flavor), and special-ingredient packed, and Selena Gomez’s Cookies & Cream Remix follows that trend.

Gomez worked alongside the brand, tasting a variety of flavor combinations until she landed on a winner.

We dug our spoons into a pint to see if this flavor lives up to the infectiousness of the song that inspired it or if it’s a simple cash-grab using a beloved celebrity’s name.

Selena Gomez’s Cookies & Cream Remix

Selena Gomez Ice Cream Review
Dane Rivera

Retail Price: $7.99 (per pint)

Like Chance The Rapper’s easy-to-love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the strength of Selena Gomez’s Serendipity flavor is its obviousness. Gomez isn’t throwing us a curveball or trying to challenge our taste buds, she’s taking a simple classic — cookies & cream — and giving it a minor remix that keeps it interesting.

It’s like sampling Lauryn Hill or asking for an Andre 3000 feature — you sorta know it’s going to be a hit at the outset.

Cookies & Cream remix features pink vanilla ice cream with a generous Moose Tracks fudge swirl with bits of broken Oreo cookies, or in this case, “chocolate sandwich cookies,” peppered throughout the ice cream. I tried to sample each element of this ice cream but it’s so well blended and mixed in, it’s hard to get a spoonful that doesn’t feature the perfect cookie-to-ice-cream-to-fudge ratio. Note: that’s a good problem to have.

Selena Gomez Ice Cream Review
Dane Rivera

It’s not as soft and creamy as your typical cookies & cream ice cream or as simple in flavor, it’s much denser and relies heavily on the cookie-fudge combo to deliver a rich and filling experience. If you’re a fan of the simple flavor combination of cream and cookies, you might find this a bit overwhelming and decadent but if you’ve always viewed cookies & cream as a boring and safe flavor, you’ll appreciate how this takes its best elements and elevates them by doing just a little more.*

*If you’ll allow us to remix this sh*t even further, instead of a simple scoop, serve up a few scoops in a bowl, drizzle some warmed fudge over it, add some crushed peanuts, crushed graham cracker, a chopped banana, a sprinkling of cinnamon, whipped cream, and a bright red maraschino cherry for a next-level sundae experience.

The Bottom Line:

It’s not so mind-blowing that we’re going to tell you that you have to order a pint as soon as possible, but if you’re already a fan of Serendipity brands it’s a great addition to a great lineup of delicious flavors and an even better place to start if you’ve always been interested in giving the brand a try.

Follow our sundae remix and you’ll be in heaven.