Your Tinder Profile Pic Can Now Be A Looping GIF


The Tinder profile pic tends to be where our cheesiest side comes out. There is, of course, a degree of fantasy to every profile pic, although some fantasies are more on the mark than others. And now, Tinder is letting you put your profile pics in motion.

After testing the feature, Tinder is making it official: Anybody can use a looping GIF as their profile pic, and will also let you add three more pics or GIFs, giving you a total of nine to impress total strangers enough to make them want to have a drink with you. You can edit your loops within the app, so you can only include the part of the juggling act where you look cool, not the part where you took a torch to the face and lit your pants on fire.

Jokes aside, Tinder can already be something of a pressure box. People put on their best faces (in some cases quite literally) to try and impress total strangers, and that’s already an awkward proposition. Adding video to the mix will probably only amp up that anxiety. But hey, the search for romance isn’t notable for being smooth, so bone up on your Tinder don’ts and get that camera rolling.

(via The Verge)