Tinder Users Compare Their Real-Life And Fantasy Photos To Hilarious Effect

Anyone who expects online dating profiles to be completely representative of the “real deal” is either new to the system or optimistic to a fault. Tinder is like online dating on Adderall, so one must look as spiffy as possible to catch the attentions of those who are blazing through profiles. There’s no second chance to avoid the dreaded “swipe left,” so pulling out all the stops is a must. However, some Tinder users decided to abandon the charade and get gloriously real on Twitter.

In response, the #OnTinderAtTinder hashtag has risen from the charred ashes of failed romance. Most of these folks have a good sense of humor, and some play up the contrast with appropriately unflattering facial expressions. However, all of the photo sets show a fairly large contrast between “making a good impression” and “hanging out in sweatpants with cats.”

Of course, these examples shouldn’t be too surprising. Most of us look different at home versus at work or at play, but online, everything (both good and bad) feels amplified. We’re all a bunch of narcissistic drama queens, basically, but these folks had fun with the truth. Some of them got shady towards the end. Man, the internet is cold as ice.

Someone decided to not play along with the hashtag’s humor.

Another person used the classic “marriage” humblebrag to shade the singletons. So Brutal.