Defy Convention With These Less-Hyped Experiences In The Western U.S.

Eric Rubens

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The western region of the United States has a reputation for being chill and relaxed in comparison to its eastern US counterparts. Maybe it has something to do with the wide open spaces or the vast expanse of sky, but America seems to just get more at ease the closer you get to the calm and cool waters of the Pacific.

This relaxed vibe doesn’t insulate the region from getting tunnel vision. Tourists tend to focus on very specific areas, leaving a countless number of hidden gems undiscovered and underexplored. Which is why we’ve been spending the last month deep diving into lesser-known regions around the country. Our goal is to set you up with some truly unforgettable new experiences to help live your life to the absolute fullest.

Here are some of our favorite finds in the Western United States.

Hit LA’s underrepresented hoods for a day of dining on the cheap

Los Angeles is home to countless fine dining options, but sometimes the best meals can be found in the lesser-known corners of the city for prices that average under $20 a meal. East LA, Chinatown, and Long Beach are just some of the neighborhoods where hidden food joints serve locals the best food in the city.

Uproxx writer Dane Rivera takes us on a personal journey through the lesser-explored sections of Los Angeles as he searches for the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an unforgettable city-wide dining experience. Check it out for the spicy chicken photos at the very least.


Ditch the Hollywood comedy clubs for the underground

Catching a good live comedy show is a bit of a gamble. Often times you can leave one of the big Hollywood comedy clubs feeling like you spent way too much money for a show that felt way too big, with performers that seemed detached from the audience.

Comedian Brad Silnutzer knows that feeling, so he started his own backyard comedy night that’s one part show and one part drinking game. Uproxx writer Chelsea Frank takes us into Brew HaHa, and what has become of Silnutzer’s underground comedy show since it left his backyard.