Zombies Would Decimate Us With Shocking Quickness, According To Science

Fans of The Walking Dead might not be happy about this, but, according to some really smart scientists, humanity really wouldn’t fare very well in a zombie apocalypse. You probably liken yourself to the show’s protagonist Rick Grimes and assume you’ll find ways to survive. Sorry, statistically speaking, you won’t.

You’re much more likely to be a tasty treat for a hungry zombie than leading a group of survivors, says a group of people who are a lot smarter than us. According to a study at the University of Leicester in the Journal of Physics Special Topics, if the zombie apocalypse began and one person was infected on day one, by day 100 there would only be 100-200 people left alive in the whole world. Yes, you read that right. THE WHOLE WORLD.

Do you honestly think you could be one of those people? Personally, I bet I’d be zombie chow within a few days after I left my house to find Oreos or something dumb like that. Like me, you probably don’t have the survival skills to last very long. Bear Grylls, Marshawn Lynch and lots of crazy, bearded people who live in shacks in the woods are the only ones who are going to make it. Can you be one of the last people standing with Bear and Marshawn?

The study assumes that every zombie will find at least one human and turn them into a zombie every day. The only hopeful part of the study is the fact that they didn’t allow for humans to actually fight back. Their findings are based on if we were surprised by the zombies munching on our brains.

So, maybe you could be the hero of this story after all. That is, as long as you know how to fight. Fight better than the zombies. Hopefully, they walk really slowly like TV and movies claim they do. Otherwise, we’re all screwed.