‘BrainDead’ And ‘American Gothic’ Have Both Been Axed By CBS After Low-Rated Summer Runs

For those who enjoyed Aaron Tveit on their televisions all summer (and honestly who wouldn’t), there’s some bad news. CBS has canceled both the low-performing BrainDead and their other summer show American Gothic. Not even the pulpiness and great fashion of the Washington DC-set zombie/alien show could save it from the curse of low ratings. It was averaging an absolutely abysmal 0.4 in the demo and that’s after a week of DVR viewing. Ouch.

The writing was on the wall for BrainDead as soon as it was revealed that creators Robert and Michelle King would indeed be signing on to the Good Wife spinoff, contrary to prior expectations when their new project kicked off. Along with the axing of American Gothic, this means that CBS is down to only Zoo as a fun summer show. It’s a shame that neither show was able to bring CBS to the summer ratings glory land, especially as they each had their own bright spots in their runs. But mostly, we’ll miss Aaron Tveit strutting his political stuff on our television every Monday night in impeccably cut suits and hunting down the dresses that Mary Elizabeth Winstead wore. May they and Tony Shalhoub find fresh work again soon.

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