For The First Time In ‘Survivor’ History The Whole Cast Had To Be Evacuated

Get to know the new Survivor motto: Outwit, Outplay, Outla— OH GOD, IS THAT A CYCLONE?

For the first time in the surprisingly durable reality show’s history, Jeff Probst‘s post Rock & Roll Jeopardy landing spot was forced to evacuate the entire cast. The host shared this interesting detail in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly. The scary scene occurred during the spring filming of the upcoming “Millennials vs. Gen X” edition of Survivor (no, really) when Tropical Cyclone Zena landed on the second day of the game. In addition to being a storm with a name that could give Gen X competition, having a cyclone of any sort is generally frowned upon in any workplace environment.

Although there have definitely been close calls and individual evacuations, the danger facing the Survivor tribes was on a whole new level. Take it from Survivor lifer Jeff Probst.

“For 32 seasons of Survivor, we’ve been very lucky to have escaped some severe storms,” Probst says. “This time, the storm caught us. It was only day two and in a matter of hours, a nice afternoon turned into a severe rainstorm that kept growing in intensity by the hour. We were monitoring the weather minute by minute back at base camp. When the national Fijian weather service upgraded it to a cyclone, we had to evacuate both tribes from their beaches and get them to safety. We have never had to evacuate tribes in 32 seasons of Survivor.”

Survivor history was made and it didn’t involve nudity or Jonny Fairplay. That’s quite the feat. The hashtag nip that is Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X is set to arrive on CBS on September 21.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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