’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Tells A Deeper Story With Subliminal Images

Subliminal messaging is controversial as an advertising technique, but if you’re looking to hide stuff in your movie trailer, it’s incredibly useful. And, needless to say, 10 Cloverfield Lane is having a lot of fun making use of it in its new trailer.

These are hard to spot unless you fiddle with your monitor settings, but fortunately, the internet did the hard work and isolated the images for us:

The most obvious theme here is the Navy, which makes sense both in the larger story and in the setting. Remember, in the original movie, there were hints that the original monster was either an ocean beast we awoke in our desire for sugary drinks, or a space alien who crashed into the sea. Another clue is on the Navy magazine On Deck that we see, an apparent spoof of the Navy’s official magazine All Hands, with the number 5742 circled, which will likely become relevant elsewhere in the viral marketing.

The football team photo also stands out. It’s really the only non-Navy themed image in the collection, although of course, the Navy has a football team. Tellingly, there’s yet another number, 68, the only one visible. Speaking of numbers, if you look closely at the monkey’s shoulders, it’s got “9,” on the right and “-9” on the left. Finally, the first two images are of survival on the water, which is an interesting theme for a movie set largely in a bunker.

We won’t have to wait long to find out what’s happening in the Bayou State. 10 Cloverfield Lane arrives March 11.

(Via /Film)

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