All The Times You May Have Seen Zach Galifianakis And Not Realized It

You know Zach Galifianakis as Alan from The Hangover trilogy, Ray Hueston on Bored to Death, and as the awkward interviewer who dared to ask President Obama, “Is it gonna be hard in two years when you’re no longer president and people will stop letting you win at basketball? But did you know he was in Bubble Boy, Heartbreakers, and Into the Wild? To celebrate the comedian’s 45th birthday, here are 20 times you may have seen him and not realized it…

1. Bubble Boy as “Bus Stop Man” (2001)

2. Tru Calling as “Davis” (2003)

3. Wonder Showzen as “Uncle Daddy” (2006)

4. Dog Bites Man as “Alan Finger” (2006)

5. Heartbreakers as “Kevin” (2001)

6. Into the Wild as “Kevin” (2007)

7. What happens in Vegas as “Dave the Bear” (2008)

8. Below as “Weird Wally” (2002)

9. Out Cold as “Luke” (2001)

10. Corky Romano as “Dexter, computer hacker” (2001)

11. Speed Freaks as “Carol”  (2008)

12. Visioneers as “George” (2008)

13. Up in the Air as “Steve” (2009)

14. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as “Tairy Greene The Snuggler” (2007)

15. The Sarah Silverman Program as “Fred Blorth” (2007)


16. Reno 911 as “Frisbee” (2005)

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17. Apt. 2F as “Zach” (1997)

18. Boston Common as “Bobby” (1996)

19. Late World with Zach as himself (2002)

20. His early stand-up career as himself (1999)