‘The Emoji Movie’ Takes The Top Prize And Many Others At The 2018 Razzie Awards

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Saturday morning brought the 38th annual Razzie Awards, dealing out the Golden Raspberries to the “worst” in film for 2017. The Razzies have come on the day before the Oscars for quite a while at this point, standing in loving contrast to the Academy Awards‘ aim to celebrate the best, and this year didn’t have to look far for its top film. The Emoji Movie walked away with four of the ten awards, making it one of the first movies to get the award that actually featured a talking poop. The Guardian adds that the Razzie Awards official statement on the film was not kind to the film or its ability to earn the “dishonor” given the year at the box office:

“Leading this year’s list of movie-misfires is the emoticon-based, talking poop opus,” the Razzies said in a statement announcing the recipients, saying the film came in a year when “Hollywood’s recycled trash heap attained an all-time high” and saw a “toxic-level lack of originality”.

The Emoji Movie earned Worst Picture, Worst Screen Combo, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Director. The acting categories stuck to flesh and blood performers, with the top awards going to Tom Cruise and Tyler Perry as Madea. Mel Gibson earned a Worst Supporting Actor trophy for his family-friendly turn in Daddy’s Home 2, while Kim Basinger became one of Fifty Shades Darker’s two awards at the show.

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