Did You Notice ‘Batman V Superman’ And ‘Iron Man 2’ Are The Same Damn Movie?

Entertainment Editor
08.10.16 6 Comments

Iron Man 2 and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have a lot more in common than you probably realized. Billionaire Tony Stark, for example, killed a whole bunch of people, and so did billionaire Bruce Wayne. But YouTuber Couch Tomato goes even further in finding comparisons between the two, logging twenty-four ways in which the plots and tropes of the two movies overlap.

Some of the similarities are simply common tropes many movies and TV shows fall back on, like the old “wall covered with newspaper clippings” or the obligatory weapons trafficker (always a Russian guy) or Senators insulting the hero on the news while the hero glowers at the TV. On the other hand, some of the similarities are eerily specific, such as the red headed love interest and the black guy with one good eye.

I did have to pause for a beat to try to remember if Tony Stark’s mom is named Martha. (Nope. Maria.)

Here’s the full list of twenty-four similarities, although the argument is far more compelling when you hear the full narration along with relevant clips.

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