5 Seconds Of Summer Patrol The City For Ghouls In ‘Girls Talk Boys’ From ‘Ghostbusters’

We’ve gotten a few Ghostbusters related music videos released recently. It makes sense, considering that a brand new Ghostbusters movie just came out that everybody was totally cool about which led to a lot of nuanced, reasoned discussions of the film’s strengths and weaknesses. 5 Seconds of Summer, an Australian band of boys, which is different from a boy band, had a song called “Girls Talk Boys” on the soundtrack. So if you’ve been seeing #GIRLSTALKBOYS trending on Twitter for a while, and you’re over 25, now you know what’s up. The band has also released a music video for the song, which plays up the whole Ghostbusters thing.

The video begins with a VHS being put into a VCR, which surely the young men from 5 Seconds of Summer can relate to, and then, in addition to seeing some actual footage from the new Ghostbusters film, we see a lo-fi version of Ghostbusters starring the 5 Seconds of Summer guys. It’s very lo-fi, with the Ghostbusters costumes looking quite cheap, and the whole thing giving off a home movie vibe. Also, at one point it seems that the band is fighting a Sleestak, and there is a Batman ’66 style sound effect visualization.

All that being said, the video is pretty fun and clever, irrespective of what you think of “Girls Talk Boys.” Also, maybe the writer of this article made their own version of Ghostbusters 3 as the final project in their high school film making class wherein he played Egon. That’s entirely possible.

(via Idolator)

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