Classic Hijinks From ’80s Films That Would Definitely Get You Arrested

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07.06.15 5 Comments

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Sometimes when you re-watch a movie with a bit more age and experience, some things stick out as a little troublesome. For example, the number of ’80s comedies that use rape as a punchline is pretty gross. Now, this is not to discount the value of these films; some are definitely comedy classics, and in the case of Heathers, brilliant works of satire. However, it’s also possible to enjoy something while also recognizing its more troubling elements. One can appreciate Say Anything, for example, while also acknowledging that John Cusack spends a good portion of the film acting like a bit of a creep.

Let’s take a look at these ’80s films and see who probably should have taken a trip to the slammer.

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