Here Are 7 More Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Fight Club’

Cinefix has returned for a sequel to the wildly popular 7 Things You Didn’t Know about David Fincher’s mind-bending classic (based on Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel) Fight Club. This time they’ve upped the nudity talk, revealed a bit about the real life trouble revolving around Marla Singer, and added a nice tidbit to the noteworthy car trashing scene (noteworthy since it was Fincher destroying the brands that wanted to an advertising spot in the film).

Obviously some folks are going to know most of this stuff. The film is marching towards 20 years since its release and most folks have already seen it multiple times. But given the mental f*ckery from Mr. Robot this summer, the film is fresh in many minds and usually fun to talk about. Anyway, I’ve highlighted some of the best points below (since most people hate the videos), so enjoy.

One thing I think is interested here is just how many times Brad Pitt is a perv or nude throughout the film. It was his idea to slap on a rubber glove when asking Edward Norton if he wanted to “finish” Marla in the bedroom. He’s also rumored to be the added penis at the end of the film, but that’s apparently just a rumor and it might be David Fincher’s. The idea that any thought when into this is a little silly and crazy, but what else can you expect from a film like Fight Club?

In the scene above, Brad Pitt is apparently truly naked while riding the bike around the inside of the junk heap Tyler/The Narrator decide to live in. The man has no fear.

Elsewhere comes the interesting note that there was some trouble with including Marla Singer’s name in the film. That’s because there’s only one Marla Singer in the entire United States, which the folks at Cinefix seem to have trouble believing. This caused a bit of a legal headache and the lawyers for Fox had to go to work to ensure that the character could stay the same and keep her name.

I’m also assuming this means that the real Marla is a lot different than the one featured in the film AND she saw some extra income when this movie was released. Not bad for just having the same name.

And just to add a bit to things here, Cinefix also produced this video that compares the book to the film to note the differences. Not everything was kept the same, mostly due to the hoops that pop up when making a film. It’s an interesting clip.

(Via Cinefix)