Here’s A Ranking Of Every ‘Batman’ Movie From Worst To Best

06.26.15 3 years ago 74 Comments

Warner Bros.

If you don’t count the serials from the 1940s — and obviously we can’t full judge either the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad — Batman has still appeared in eight different motion pictures. That’s the same number of Harry Potter movies, and at least those had some sort of continuity to them. Now that it appears the Caped Crusader may also get his own solo title — and because, let’s face it, lists are awesome — now seems as good a time as any to take a look at those aforementioned eight films and rank them from worst to best

We’ve included the Tomatometer rankings for each film (like you do), but their actual placement on this list is pretty much just based on subjective opinion, so feel free to include your own ranking below.

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