John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ Character Makes A Surprise Appearance In The Sequel’s Super Bowl Spot

Paramount Pictures’ Super Bowl spot for A Quiet Place 2 has arrived, and there’s a bit of a surprise — maybe? — given that anyone who’s going to watch this movie (or a trailer or a Super Bowl spot) knows what happened to John Krasinski’s character at the end of the first movie. Yep, he bit the dust in a sacrificial display of love for his family. Krasinksi has returned to direct, but folks didn’t anticipate his return for obvious reasons. The sequel’s first trailer mentions dad’s mystery whereabouts during an action scene where the aliens first attack Earth, which played into the assumption that Krasinski would probably stay behind the camera and maybe play the monsters again, right? Wrong. Or at least, wrong about a few moments of the sequel.

As this Super Bowl spot shows, Krasinski does materialize during that flashback of the chaos first wrought by the aliens. He approaches a cop car to ask what’s going on, and an alien slams into vehicle, sending Krasinski fleeing on foot. Even though we know his story doesn’t have a happy ending, it’s still good to see his bearded face pop into the frame. All fans of The Office should appreciate the gesture. From there, the second movie fires up where the first one left off, as Emily Blunt’s matriarch (along with her indestructible dress) sets off on foot with her three children, including a newborn baby. She’ll meet up with survivors played by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

Paramount also dropped a featurette with Krasinski addressing potential questions about the sequel and some footage. Man, Cillian’s gonna steal this one, yes?

A Quiet Place 2 will arrive on March 20.