Weekend Box Office: John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ Is A Thundering Success

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Black Panther has the biggest opening weekend of 2018, so far. But number two is not Steven Spielberg. It is not Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film. It is not a franchise sequel like Pacific Rim: Uprising or Fifty Shaded Freed, or even a big-budget reboot like Tomb Raider.

The second biggest opening film of the year has almost no dialogue; it only cost $17 million to make; and it was directed by Jim from The Office, who stars alongside his wife, Emily Blunt. A Quiet Place, one of the most terrifyingly intense films to come along in years, has won the box-office weekend, putting up a huge $50 million, which is nearly $8 million more than the opening of Steven Spielberg’s $175 million film, Ready Player One, last weekend.

That is monstrous, and while marketing and promotion certainly helped, this is a word-of-mouth hit. A Quiet Place did not sell a tremendous amount of advanced tickets; this is a movie people are hearing about and running out to see because it really is that good, and I can’t stress enough how much more fun this movie is to see with a large, engaged crowd cringing, gasping, and shrieking in their seats. The John Krasinski directed film put up a 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it deserves every great review. It is intense, suspenseful, and fun.


I only wish Blockers had not opened against it, because it is terrifically fantastic itself (it currently sits at 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). It’s the funniest studio film since Girls Trip and one of the funniest in recent years, a rare sex comedy that does right by all of its characters. It’s also getting great word of mouth, and though it looks like it’s going to come in right at expectations with $21.4 million in third place, Blockers should continue to perform well throughout the month as the best comedy option available, at least until Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty in two weeks.

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