A Seismologist Has Blown The Lid Off Scientific Inaccuracies In ‘San Andreas’

I was fairly ebullient in my praise of San Andreas, a movie that depicts The Rock tandem skydiving into AT&T park with his ex-wife to save his daughter from an Earthquake, and in the process repair his marriage and avenge his other daughter’s tragic whitewater rafting death. But aside from the fact that The Rock and Alexandra Daddario are only 14 years apart in real life, it turns out the film is full of scientific inaccuracies. Son of a bitch.

Dr. Lucy Jones, a USGS (United States Geological Survey) seismologist took to twitter to set the record straight:

God dammit, Hollywood. I wanted to watch The Rock drive different vehicles as Alexandra Daddario’s clothes gradually fell off, but not like this, man. Not like this.

Speaking of which, in the midst of her scientific quibbles, Dr. Jones did save some praise for Ms. Daddario’s character:

Competence in a woman is absolutely sexy. And the effect is quadrupled when the woman has perfect breasts and eyes of a color that doesn’t exist in nature. As a seismologist, I’m surprised she didn’t know that.