Adam Driver Did Not Exactly Have A Great Time At His First And Only Comic-Con

Comic-Con isn’t for everyone. Fans seem to enjoy it, but what about the talent — the serious thespians and high-minded filmmakers who find themselves thrown into big rooms teeming with nerds? Some appear to be okay with it, but others not so much. You can place Adam Driver in the latter group.

The Oscar-nominated actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show to tout a busy fall, which includes not one but two Ridley Scott movies: The Last Duel and House of Gucci. Driver is also a Star Wars alum, having played the conflicted Kylo Ren in the most recent trilogy. But even though he did three films in the franchise, he only had to do Comic-Con once. And it was not much to his liking.

Norton asked Driver point blank if he liked the time he went there, for The Force Awakens. And Driver’s answer was blunt: “No.”

Driver then elaborated. “I didn’t know the rules of Comic-Con,” he said. He said he assumed he could wander around and get a coffee. He was wrong. “‘If you want to go outside,’ they’re like, ‘Put a mask on so nobody knows who you are.'”

Turns out being sequestered in a hotel room for a full day does something to a person. But when he tried to break up the monotony, he was in for a rude awakening.

“I opened my window, because I’d been in the room for 24 hours before this thing we were supposed to do,” Driver said, “and then there was a band at the bottom of the building playing the Star Wars theme on repeat, because we [the cast] were all staying in the hotel. It was scary.”

Driver tried to be diplomatic. “I mean, it’s nice,” he said, though he added, “I’m not anxious to go again.”

You can watch Driver discuss his first and so far only Comic-Con stint in the video above.

(Via EW)