The ‘Uncut Gems’ Directors Made A Surprise Short Film Starring Adam Sandler

Uncut Gems, Josh and Benny Safdie’s follow-up to their breakout hit Good Time, was one of the best movies of 2019 and deserved at least 15 Oscar nominations (one for every time “KG” was selected as an NBA All-Star). But most of us would have been happy with just one: Best Actor, for Adam Sandler’s career-best performance as diamond dealer Howard. Alas, unless the Sandman changed his name to “Jonathan Pryce,” he’ll have to settle for an Independent Spirit Award. At least we get Fart Vacation out of it?

Anyway, while the Safdie brothers and Sandler were making Uncut Gems, they also secretly filmed a Times Square-set short film called Goldman Vs. Silverman, which is now available on Vimeo. “Rod Goldman and Al Silverman are street performers who work the tourist scene of Times Square,” the official description reads. “Goldman gets no respect and Silverman is the first one to make sure of that.” Benny Safdie is Silverman, while Sandler plays Goldman, so at least he got one gold man. (Too soon?)

You can watch Goldman Vs. Silverman below.

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(Via Birth Movies Death)