‘Going Clear’ Documentarian Alex Gibney Says Journalists Really Need To Press Tom Cruise

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After the HBO documentary Going Clear dealt a devastating blow to the Church of Scientology by exposing its decades of abuses, many believed that its unofficial celebrity spokesperson Tom Cruise should make some sort of public statement and address the “church” he supports so openly. Just last week, director Paul Haggis, who was featured in the documentary as one of Scientology’s many defectors, said that the media had gone too easy on Cruise while the actor is promoting Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. Now, the director of Going Clear Alex Gibney is pressing the media on the same thing: make Tom Cruise talk about this.

While he promoted his newest documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, Gibney reiterated Haggis’ demands and blamed journalists for letting Cruise’s team shield him from scrutiny:

I think it’s an outrage that nobody’s asking questions, particularly because I know that Cruise’s publicists are going out and saying, if you want Tom on your show, you can’t ask him this. As journalists, where are we if we don’t do our jobs? We might as well be working for Tom Cruise.

Gibney went on to say that he knows for a fact that Cruise’s lawyer “has detailed accounts” of every human rights abuse on the part of Scientology, and as the poster boy, he should at the very least address the issue in public with the media.

I think what needs to happen is Howard Stern. Howard Stern won’t listen to Cruise’s PR team. And even though he couldn’t get Cruise’s co-star Alec Baldwin to talk about the church, he wouldn’t let Cruise off so easily.

C’mon — let’s sic Howard Stern on Tom Cruise.

Source: Vulture