The First ‘Legend Of Tarzan’ Trailer Gives Us A Clear Look At Alexander Skarsgard And His Abs

You’ve already seen the first images from the upcoming The Legend of Tarzan, featuring Alexander Skarsgard’s abs and Margot Robbie (we hear Alexander Skarsgard also makes an appearance) but now see the first full teaser trailer and get a sense of how Skarsgard is planning to bring the jungle legend to life. Unexpectedly, there is a lot of Tarzan swinging through the jungle and chasing after Jane when she’s in trouble, but the trailer also offers up beautiful camerawork amidst the trees and what look like come crazy action sequences between the film villains, protagonist, and gorillas.

The villain aspect of the movie is secretly intriguing, and not only because it involves Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson acting opposite one another as they did in Django Unchained. Waltz definitely knows how to chew scenery better than many of his acting peers, and Jackson will bring the manic energy to balance the former’s evilness out. The central conflict looks to be the same as many other adaptations of the story of Tarzan, but from this first look the action and adventure are bigger and better than ever before. So are the muscles, which might be just as important.

(Via Deadline)