All The Reasons ’21 Jump Street’ Made Channing Tatum A Comedy Star

When Channing Tatum’s acting career began, he seemed destined for a life of action, dancing, and romantic dramas. Who knew he could be so funny? It’s almost upsetting because he already proved he could two-step and apply chokeholds, a combo that already guaranteed your girlfriend is more attracted to him.

In 21 Jump Street, Tatum turned on the comedic jets and kickstarted a film franchise that has no end in sight, helping to revitalize the buddy cop genre. Here are the moments from 21 Jump Street that made him a bonafide comedy star…

He’ll “beat your dick off” (NSFW audio):

And then dry hump you on camera after making the arrest.

He let a guy finger his mouth…

Bonus points for “I just can’t sometimes.”

Great tongue game…

As if all the females of the galaxy weren’t already swooning over Tatum’s jawline, he has to go and roll his tongue like a Las Vegas hooker. Rob Riggle nails it: “Actually, that’s not bad.”

“F–k You Science!” (NSFW audio):

The funniest whiteboard moment in movie history.

“F– You Glee” (NSFW audio):

High school explained.

“Cause doves make you look like a bad-ass, that’s why…”

Because when Channing Tatum goes to prom he goes all John Woo on the occasion. The best part is when he tosses the box over his shoulder. Zero f*cks about a box labeled “doves” given.