The ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Blooper Reel Is As Delightful As You Think It Is

Ali Wong and Randall Park’s recent Netflix comedy film Always Be My Maybe is as good as people are saying it is, and yes, it also features the one and only Keanu Reeves in an excellent cameo role. So good, in fact, that like myself and many others who’ve watched it since it debuted May 31st on the streaming platform, you’re probably wondering if there’s a blooper reel. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t always offer extras for its original film and television content, but thankfully there is a gag reel on YouTube as of today.

Not including the Netflix logo and ending tag, the actual outtakes collected here amount to just under a minute and 30 seconds, but that’s more than plenty. From unused portions of Reeves’ many improvisations to many fantastic moments that feature supporting players Michelle Buteau and Vivian Bang, it’s all there. The real star of the reel, though, is Wong and Park’s onscreen chemistry. Whether it’s a touching moment over a pot of kimchi jjigae, an awkward car hookup, or an even more awkward post-hookup fight, the two are fantastic — even when they’re flubbing their lines or killing random flies.

As great as Wong and Park are, however, some of the greatest bloopers come from Bang and Wong’s inability to keep a straight face during the Vienna sausage scene. You’ll know it when you see it.