Amazingly, Everything Wrong With ‘Ghost Rider’ Fits Into 17 Minutes

Ghost Rider is… not the best Marvel movie. It has certain charms, mostly in the form of Nic Cage refusing to play a brooding anti-hero and instead have Johnny Blaze as a YOLO manchild who watches monkeys doing karate for fun, and the fact that, for once, the superhero is honest with his love interest that he is, in fact, a superhero.

Then there’s pretty much everything else about the movie, summed up in the seventeen minutes above. I will say they leave out the part about this movie that drives me the craziest, which is that there’s never a moment in this movie where Ghost Rider gets into anything resembling a fight. Mark Steven Johnson just has him one-punch some CGI every fifteen minutes and then gets back to Nic Cage pretending to be hung over or something.

Even the finale is a ridiculous disappointment. At least there were fights in Daredevil, even if they were poorly edited. Perhaps someday, we’ll have a good Ghost Rider movie, though. Hey, if Daredevil can get his own TV show, Johnny Blaze should have a little ray of hope.