Amazingly, Everything Wrong With ‘Ghost Rider’ Fits Into 17 Minutes

Senior Contributor
01.07.15 6 Comments

Ghost Rider is… not the best Marvel movie. It has certain charms, mostly in the form of Nic Cage refusing to play a brooding anti-hero and instead have Johnny Blaze as a YOLO manchild who watches monkeys doing karate for fun, and the fact that, for once, the superhero is honest with his love interest that he is, in fact, a superhero.

Then there’s pretty much everything else about the movie, summed up in the seventeen minutes above. I will say they leave out the part about this movie that drives me the craziest, which is that there’s never a moment in this movie where Ghost Rider gets into anything resembling a fight. Mark Steven Johnson just has him one-punch some CGI every fifteen minutes and then gets back to Nic Cage pretending to be hung over or something.

Even the finale is a ridiculous disappointment. At least there were fights in Daredevil, even if they were poorly edited. Perhaps someday, we’ll have a good Ghost Rider movie, though. Hey, if Daredevil can get his own TV show, Johnny Blaze should have a little ray of hope.

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