Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Is Set To Make A Strange Cameo In ‘Star Trek Beyond’

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07.17.16 4 Comments
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As you could probably guess, being a billionaire is really cool. Even claiming to be a billionaire when you aren’t actually that rich means you get to run for President in the United States. For Jeff Bezos though, being that rich and successful means that he can hop onto any movie set of his choice and land a fun cameo. According to Mashable, Bezos is set to portray an alien during a Star Trek Beyond tracking shot. We’re assuming that said alien is not the one inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, but you never know. He wouldn’t be the first random celebrity or businessman to use his influence and fandom to get on a movie set, and he definitely won’t be the last.

Bezos’ part will be a cameo in the most pure sense of the word, seeing as he is only listed in the credits and not being advertised further as a participant in the film. Even if you have to pause the movie on home video and shift it frame by frame until you see an alien that might be Jeff Bezos in the background, this will still make a fun trivia answer ten years from now. Plus, it seems as if being a famous billionaire who single handedly changed how the world buys and reads books (and every other product) doesn’t even grant you the privilege of Chris Pine knowing who you are. As Captain Kirk himself admitted,

“I was there for the bit with his like nine bodyguards and three limos. It was really intense. I had no idea who he was. Not a clue. But he was obviously very important.”

Maybe next time Bezos can do a cameo on a Chris Pine movie without a lot of makeup so everybody actually knows the identity of the VIP on set.

(via Mashable)

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