Amber Heard Couldn’t Be More Thrilled About Working On ‘Justice League’ And ‘The Stand’: ‘I F*cking Love Nerds’

Amber Heard recently finished work on two genre projects, the reshoots for Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated director’s cut of Justice League and Josh Boone’s upcoming adaptation of The Stand, and she’s very excited for both thanks to a deep love for “nerd passion.” During a recent interview with Comic Book, Heard gushed about the Justice League reshoots, and the Mera actress couldn’t stop herself from blurting out that she “f*cking loves nerds” while talking about how much she enjoys working with geeks:

“He’s a perfect example, Zack [Snyder] is a perfect example of a nerd,” Heard said. “You know, I got into this project on The Stand because of another true, die hard nerd, which is Josh Boone, who connected all of us on this project as he was adapting the book for Stephen [King}. And I think it’s just a good rule of thumb to follow, especially in this genre which I love. It’s like follow the nerd, the nerd passion is where you want to be.”

If Heard seems particularly excited about nerds lately, the actress has nothing but love for the comic book community after they rallied behind her performance in Aquaman. According to Heard, that enthusiasm staved off a “paid social media campaign” to get her fired from the sequel in retaliation for Johnny Depp getting fired from Fantastic Beasts 3 franchise after a UK judge officially shut him down in his “wife-beater” libel trial. “Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate [casting decisions] because they have no basis in reality,” Heard told Entertainment Weekly in November while confirming her casting. “Only the fans actually made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year.”

In stark contrast to Heard’s flourishing projects, Depp was the subject of a brutal profile in The Hollywood Reporter that labeled the troubled actor as “radioactive” and revealed even more of his problematic behavior. Meanwhile he continues to pursue a lawsuit against Heard in Virginia despite his extremely damaging court loss in the UK, which looks to be a devastating blow to the former Jack Sparrow’s career.

(Via Comic Book)