AMC Theaters Aims Squarely At MoviePass With A $20 Per Month Ticket Subscription Service


Last summer, AMC Theaters immediately voiced its stern disapproval when MoviePass announced its coffers-draining $10 movie-per-day unlimited plan. Never mind that MoviePass is bleeding money with a completely unsustainable business model (while also pouring dollars into the universally panned Gotti), for AMC Theaters has launched its own rival plan, which will please the hell out of moviegoers and stands a better chance of sticking around for awhile.

The new AMC Stubs A-List program will allow members to pay $19.95 per month, which grants entrance to up to three “regular” movies each week. In addition, those members will receive concession discounts and other unnamed (so far) perks. Supposedly, Imax screenings are included in this package:

The new tier to its AMC Stubs rewards program answers a rival loyalty club at Cinemark Entertainment, Cinemark Movie Club, and controversial theater subscription app MoviePass. AMC Stubs A-List, to launch June 26, will allow members to view available movies at any U.S.-based AMC location, and in any format, including Imax, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime and BigD.

Indeed, this plan offers about half of what MoviePass offers, but let’s get real … not too many folks have time to watch a movie per day, and there aren’t enough offerings to cover each day of the month anyway. Will AMC Theaters lose money on this service? That remains to be seen, although they surely hope to recoup some potential losses at the concession stand, where high-margin popcorn and the dryest nachos in the universe continue to sell like mad.

Your move, MoviePass — that is, if there are any possible moves left.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)