Andy Garcia Says He Never Understood Why Many People Were So Hard On ‘The Godfather Part III’

The Godfather Part III never got the love its two predecessors did. Quite the contrary: Its reputation is so bad that Francis Ford Coppola went back, three decades later, to make a new (and many say better) cut. But when it came out, the reaction wasn’t so hostile. It even received seven Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture. Another was for Andy García, who played Michael Corleone’s hotheaded nephew Vincent, and received across-the-board raves. It was a big moment for García, and he, at least, has never understood the hate.

In a new interview about the new cut — entitled The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleonewith The Hollywood Reporter, García defended the film that helped make him a star. “I never had an issue with the first one, but I am very close to it,” he said, saying that the negative press it received — especially re: Sofia Coppola’s performance — was not always fair. “I thought a lot of things were unjust about it, especially how Sofia was treated.”

García does admit that the new cut is excellent. “There is a clarity to this version that Francis wanted,” he said. But he hopes people will give the original version another chance. “I think if people revisit this film, they will see a very honest, deep and soulful performance by Sofia. I think there is great tragedy in the character, a very courageous performance, and I am very proud of the work we did.”

You can see for yourself on Friday, when Coda hits whatever theaters are open, or on December 8, when it arrives on VOD.

(Via THR)