Here’s What The (Surprisingly) All-Star Cast Of ‘Angels In The Outfield’ Has Been Up To

Features Writer
10.28.15 2 Comments

Disney made a ton of live-action family films in the ’90s, and Angels in the Outfield is one of the most enduringly popular, even inspiring a 30 for 30-esque spoof last week. Whether it is the themes of family and overcoming adversity, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cherub face, or Christopher Lloyd doing his eccentric shtick once again, something about this movie sticks with ’90s kids in a big way. And because ’90s kids rule the world, and because this year’s World Series pits two teams — the Mets and Royals — that aren’t too far removed from needing their own bit of divine intervention to play competitively, we decided to look back and see what the cast has been up to. The now very famous cast.

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