A Group Of ‘Lovely Canadian Firefighters’ Rescued Anna Kendrick From A Broken Elevator In Toronto

In something that sounds like the plot of a Disney+ romcom starring Anna Kendrick, Anna Kendrick got stuck in an elevator over the weekend while attending TIFF. Chaos ensued! Kendrick was promoting her new film Alice, Darling and it seems like having the word “darling” in a title at a film festival this year is just the unlucky thing to do, for some reason!

The actress ended up being stuck in a very crowded elevator alongside some of her team. She uploaded a video to her Instagram, making jokes about having to ration food (sticks of gum) and “just vibing.” Eventually, Kendrick and her crew then had to use a ladder to get off the elevator, when she made a joke about not wearing pants: “the Lord said to me, choose the long skirt.” So talking with a higher power is also a talent we can add to Kendrick’s resume.

Kendrick later told EW that the whole thing was just bad luck, and not some mean elevator controller getting revenge for having to sit through Pitch Perfect 3. “I got in the wrong elevator at the wrong time. I got out. Some lovely Canadian firefighters had me crawl out the top of the hatch. But, yeah, it was, like, seven of us in an elevator just waiting to be rescued by firefighters. It was so absurd that it would happen on a film press tour that it just seemed so immediately comical.” Indeed, being stuck in a box is funny for some. Not for others, though.