Anne Hathaway Is Roasting Her Infamous Oscars Hosting Gig To The Delight Of Everyone

Via Oscars on YouTube

When she’s not too busy defending her latest film Serenity against criticism of its insane plot twist, Anne Hathaway also devotes some of her time to roasting her performance as a 2011 Oscars co-host with James Franco. The pair’s unanimously panned performance is often held up as an example for what to avoid when hosting a televised awards show. Harsh judgments notwithstanding, Hathaway has since come to terms with it. She’s even willing to make fun of herself.

That’s exactly what the actress did ahead of Sunday’s 91st Academy Awards ceremony. “No matter what happens with today’s show, just remember, it’s already been worse,” she wrote on Instagram. “Happy Oscars!”

Hathaway attached the text to a photo of her and Franco taken from the 2011 ceremony’s opening number. She is understandably excited in the screenshot. He, on the other hand, is caught with his eyes closed in a blink, a squint or some combination of the two.

Even so, she’s evidently willing and able to poke fun at herself, and many of her fans on social media were more than happy to celebrate this.

Hathaway is a national treasure. Plus, since she and Franco didn’t accidentally give an award away to the wrong person, maybe their co-hosting gig in 2011 isn’t all that bad…