‘Ant-Man’ Has Already Leaked An Easter Egg From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

As we all know, Ant-Man has started shooting in one of San Francisco’s more colorful neighborhoods. And, apparently, somebody has already spotted a little nod to Marvel continuity.

It’s a minor one, but it’s still pretty funny. Here’s Twitter user JL31400‘s side by side comparison:

For those who have tried to forget the lesser Hulk movie, Pingo Doce is the soda that Bruce Banner is bottling. He in fact has his first Hulk-out of the movie in the Pingo Doce bottling plant, and it’s what rats him out to General Ross:

It seems unlikely, although not impossible, that Mark Ruffalo is going to turn up to vex Scott Lang at some point. But it’s a cool little nod to previous movies, although we still want to see some follow-through with green Stan Lee.