The Trailer For ‘Weiner,’ The Anthony Weiner Documentary, Is Completely Mesmerizing

Perhaps you remember Anthony Weiner. You definitely remember Anthony Weiner. A political career going up in flames because of crotch selfies and sexting pseudonyms like “Carlos Danger” tends to burn itself into your brain permanently. Well, he’s the subject of a new documentary that is titled Weiner and is supposedly really, really good.

Also really, really good? This trailer. The documentary follows Weiner post-original scandal as he attempts to run for mayor of New York, and this trailer gives you a great idea of what kind of access the filmmakers had. And that’s especially fascinating in this case, because it was during this mayoral campaign that his second sexting scandal broke — the Carlos Danger one — and the cameras kept rolling as he and the campaign spiraled into crisis mode. It’s… it’s kind of mesmerizing. And not just in a “watch the train crash” way. It raises so many questions. Most notably, why wouldn’t he just call it off and send the documentary crew home? No one knows. It’s not even really clear that he does. But if this trailer and the slew of glowing reviews are any indication, it’s a good thing for all of us that he didn’t.

Weiner hits theaters on May 20 and VOD on the 26th.

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