This Supercut Of Anton Yelchin’s Best Work Pays Tribute To A Life Cut Tragically Short

This past Sunday, the cinematic world lost a towering talent in Anton Yelchin. The 27-year old was found pinned between his mailbox and his car in an unfortunate and freak incident. Actors and other celebrities took to Twitter to recognize the talents of Yelchin, and it’s clear from the outpouring of grief that he was a beloved man.

Other than being a decent human being, Yelchin was a terrific actor, a thespian who never failed to deliver a standout performance. In films like Alpha Dog, The Beaver, Green Room, and the rebooted Star Trek series, Yelchin made every one of his scenes count.

Yelchin played a sympathetic character in almost all his films. He wasn’t classically handsome, nor did he sport bulging muscles like the rest of the heroes we see these days. But we believed him. We rooted for him. We cried when we saw his eyes fill with tears. And when he faced the seemingly impossible — as when he faced a murderous vampire in Fright Night — his boyish charm spurred us to stand behind him.

Check out the short supercut of some of Yelchin’s work above and take a moment to mourn the loss of a great entertainer.

(via JoBlo Trailers)