‘The Daily Show’ Walks Through Some Impractical Ways To Avoid ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spoilers

Those who weren’t fortunate enough to catch Avengers: Endgame at a Thursday preview woke up on Friday to dodge spoilers across the Internet. This, of course, generates entirely understandable nerd anger, and The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah is part of that rage club. He’s even claiming to have considered becoming Amish simply to avoid this problem at all, but how does correspondent Roy Wood Jr. feel about the issue? Well, he’s faux-offering no sympathy, even for those who prioritize going to work or immunizing children. “I’m tired of the excuses!” he hyperbolically argued.

Wood and Noah bounced off the controversial spoilage that came from the Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy all over Twitter this weekend. That move proved so upsetting that people wanted him banned from the NFL, and Noah tried to reach some middle ground with Wood on the matter. In addition to Wood’s advice on how to avoid all life responsibilities, he suggested to Noah a solution on how to figure out, in social situations, who’s seen movies and TV shows with high spoiler potential. It didn’t go too well:

Wood: “Here’s an idea. When you introduce yourself to somebody, tell them how far along you are in your favorite shows. Like right at the end, after you tell your gender pronouns. Hello, I am Roy. He/Him, Game of Thrones Season 6.”

Noah: “Hello, I’m Trevor. He/him, Breaking Bad Season 2.”

Wood: “Season 2? Don’t get attached. They all die.”

Noah then protested that an entire critically acclaimed, Bryan Cranston-starring series had been spoiled for him, but Wood made a fair point. If it’s been five years or longer, spoilers do not apply on “some sh*t you should have known by now.” As if to prove that argument, he spoiled the original Star Wars trilogy, The Godfather saga, and Kevin Spacey’s (alleged) life dealings. Well, the problem hasn’t been solved, so the fight between the spoiling crowd (the Internet) and those who can’t stand them will continue until the end of time.