Throw Yourself Into Gear And Watch The ‘Baby Driver’ Opening Chase Scene

As we’ve told you repeatedly, Baby Driver, from Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright, is the coolest movie of the summer, something its surprise box office success has backed up. But, hey, we get it. Seeing is believing. Maybe you’re skeptical. So, watch the opening heist and chase up above for yourself, and see what you can catch in theaters this weekend.

The heist, set to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song “Bell Bottoms,” is probably the most awesome chase you’ll see this year, and if you’re a film nerd, you can spot some of the movies Wright samples from creating the chase, riffing on car movies from Walter Hill’s The Driver to the original Italian Job, a theme that runs all throughout the movie in subtle ways, much like the soundtrack features several songs more famous for being sampled than in their own right. And fans of early ’00s British bands might spot this as a smoother, more elaborate take on a video Wright made for Mint Royale’s single “Blue Song”.

So, there it is. Give it a watch and see what you think. But trust us that as cool as this is on a computer screen, there’s nothing like the song blasting over a theater speaker system as it unspools on a bigger one.

(Via Slate)