Baymax From ‘Big Hero 6’ Picks The Best Movie Robots


OK, it’s not technically Baymax from Big Hero 6 (which was just released on Blu-ray) picking his favorite movie robots because Baymax is a fictional character, but Scott Adsit (who you might know as Pete Hornberger on 30 Rock) voiced Baymax and he’s a real person and he joined us to basically discuss movie robots. And why not? Movie robots are fun!

You voiced a robot in an Oscar-winning movie, so I’m going to assume you’re now an expert on movie robots.

We’ll see.

What comes to mind?

Well, first and foremost in C-3PO.


That’s an obvious one, deservedly so, because especially in the first films, he’s so funny.

And he’s back this year.

That’s right! And he did a guest spot on Rebels as well.

You are a co-worker of C-3PO’s.

[Laughs] That’s right. Baymax should actually go on Star Tours – punch that clock. So, not a movie, but K-9 had an influence on me growing up.


I think just because I like Doctor Who so much. And I think Tom Baker did an incredible job on that show and I think interacting with that robot is pretty funny. How about Roy Batty [from Blade Runner]?


Because he is essentially us; he goes and meets God and tells him he’s not satisfied with the way he was made. That’s what we’d all love to do, wouldn’t we? There’s Robby the Robot, from Forbidden Planet.


He was designed by the Robert Kinoshita, the same person who did the robot from Lost in Space and I sometimes get them confused.