The 10 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

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best horror movies on amazon prime right now

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Last Updated: April 26th

To appreciate fully what the world of film has to offer it’s best to watch a wide variety of what’s out there rather than just focus on one genre. That said, there are times when nothing but a great horror film will do. The horror selection on Amazon Prime runs deep, but a few pages in it starts to be dominated by low-budget obscurities. There’s a lot of cream near the top, however, which offers a generous sampling of what horror has to offer. So here are the 10 best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now.

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The Witch (2016)

Robert Eggers’ Sundance hit attracted some of the oddest complaints directed at any film in recent years when some disgruntled audience members suggested it wasn’t scary enough. Maybe they were watching a different movie? Set in colonial New England, the austere film follows a family outcast from their strict religious community and trying to make it on their own at the edge of some deep, dark woods. It essentially takes the witch-fearing folklore of the era at face value, watching the family disintegrate under the insidious influence of a nearby witch. It’s a slow-burn horror movie, light on shocks, heavy on unease, and thematically rich in ways that only become apparent later.

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An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Few directors mix comedy and horror quite so easily as John Landis — Joe Dante is his closest rival — and few movies mix laughs and scares quite so well as this 1981 chiller about Americans abroad, which works both as a fish out of water comedy and a traditional werewolf movie. But Landis also understands that at some point the horror has to take over, and once An American Werewolf in London kicks into full horror mode, it doesn’t let up. It’s make-up and, especially, its transformation scene remains unrivaled.

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