Beyonce’s Nala Finally Appears In A New Clip From Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Remake

Superstar Beyonce was The Lion King director Jon Favreau’s first choice to voice the grown-up version of Nala in the upcoming remake, and thankfully for all of us, she signed on for the role. Despite knowing that the Homecoming star would be acting (and singing) alongside the likes of Donald Glover, Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, and more, however, none of the trailers have offered audiences a preview of what her Nala will look and sound like. Now we know.

On Monday, a new 30-second preview titled “Come Home” immediately kicks things off with a brief scene between Beyonce’s Nala and Glover’s adult Simba. “Simba, you have to take your place as king,” she tells him. “We need you. Come home.” Meanwhile, brief clips from sequences that fans of the original animated film will likely recognize — including Simba’s climactic battle with his villainous uncle Scar (voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor) — are peppered throughout her voiceover.

It’s great to finally hear and see the queen in action, though it’s also wonderful to see Eichner and Seth Rogen’s Timon and Pumbaa steal the show with a few gags in the very end. Sure, this “live-action” version of the warthog is still horrifying, but Hakuna Matata! It means … well, you know what it means.