Bill Lumbergh Makes His Triumphant Return In These New Ads For HipChat

The Mike Judge comedy classic Office Space celebrated its Sweet 16 last week, but you’d swear that it was released only recently with the way that your boring friend Dave won’t stop quoting it. We get it, Dave, you showed that girl your O-face. Hilarious, bro. That doesn’t mean that the actual movie isn’t still funny, though, as we never get tired of Peter and the guys stomping the sh*t out of that printer, Brian bragging about his damn Chotchkie’s flair, and poor, poor Milton just trying to hold on to his stapler.

The folks at Atlassian were smart enough to realize that when it comes to Office Space jokes, they’re best left to the people who originally delivered them. That’s why Gary Cole is back as Bill Lumbergh in these new HipChat ads, being the world’s worst boss like only Bill Lumbergh can be. If you’re unfamiliar with HipChat, it’s a sophisticated messaging system that allows companies to cut down on the long, stupid emails that Karen in HR loves to send. Or, more specifically, it’s the app that Danger and I use to talk about Vin Diesel all day.

Of course, Lumbergh’s not Lumbergh if he isn’t saying that trademark, “Yeeeeeeeeeeah…”

And we’re obviously not complete without Lumbergh demanding some TPS reports.

(H/T to Ad Week)