Sacha Baron Cohen Has Been Spotted Filming As Borat, But Is It For A Sequel?

In a welcomed bright spot during a turbulent year, Sacha Baron Cohen was recently spotted filming in California as Borat, which has led outlets to speculate that the actor is working on a sequel to the 2006 comedy classic.

TikTok user “alexandheir” captured a film crew pulling a car with Cohen behind the wheel as the Kazakhstan journalist. The footage was shot in Long Beach and doesn’t contain much except for Cohen struggling with his outfit, but it is definitely some sort of Borat scene being filmed.

You can watch the video below:

As of this writing, there’s been no announcement or reports of a Borat sequel in the works, but the secretive nature of Cohen’s guerrilla style filmmaking could easily explain that. The element of surprise plays a significant role in the comedy of Borat, which uses a “Candid Camera” approach for laughs.

However, while a sequel is one possible explanation, Cohen has been busy in recent months pulling pranks on unsuspecting marks. In June, he punked a far right 3 Percenter rally and “tricked” the crowd into joining in a racist sing-along while disguised as a country singer. The stunt was a surprise appearance from Cohen in the middle of a pandemic, which led to Variety noting that his Showtime series Who Is America? hasn’t been formally renewed or canceled.

While Showtime refused to comment on the status of Who Is America? after the 3 Percenter prank, it became clear that Cohen is up to something. A few weeks later, the cops were called on the actor after he dressed in a “pink transgender outfit” and attempted to lure Rudy Giuliani into a prank interview in New York.

It’s now a few weeks after the Giuliani incident, and Cohen has been spotted again, but this time as Borat. So the clues are heavily pointing to the actor reviving the character for this Showtime show, but again, anything is possible.

(Via alexandheir on TikTok)