Brie Larson Shared Her Quarantine Workout, So You Can Look Like A Marvel Superhero, Too

Before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Captain Marvel, Brie Larson confessed that she “didn’t know what strength was. I was truly an introvert with asthma before this film, so I had a lot of work to do, and I just started to fall in love with it,” she told E! News. She’s truly an inspiration to us asthma-sufferers everywhere. One day, we’re wheezing while lifting a kettlebell; the next, we’re pushing a 5,000 pound Jeep.

Larson worked with trainer Jason Walsh to get in peak physical condition for Captain Marvel, and while her usual workout can’t be completed during quarantine (bear crawls are doable; rock climbing, less so), the Oscar-winning actress did share an at-home workout on her YouTube channel. “It’s been a while,” she says. “I want to take it easy on myself, be realistic about where I’m coming from, and enjoy it while my mind flips out.” There are squats, body saws, sumo stances, and best of all, no equipment:

“It’s unclear if anyone’s actually going to do this workout along with us or just enjoy watching me struggle. If you liked it, if you didn’t like it — keep your comments to yourself.”

Eh, seems too hard. Gonna get back to my Animal Crossing animal. For everyone else, you can watch Larson’s workout with Walsh (who also trains with the other Brie) below.