‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set Photo Shows Off An Unlikely Team-Up

Captain America: Civil War is currently filming in Germany, according to BILD, and we know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s set in the modern day. The shoot is actually taking place right now in Leipzig, specifically their airport, and appears to center around the Falcon and Winter Soldier trying to keep a jetliner on the ground for some reason. One assumes a bomb or a terrorist, or, this being Marvel, a terrorist who is also a bomb, there are a few nominees. Black Widow will also play a role, although whether she’ll be helping or using her fancy takedowns for evil is an open question.

As far as plot, a lot is still under wraps; mostly, we know heroes will be slapping each other around, including the much-awaited moment where Tony finally takes a shield to the face, before discovering the true threat and uniting to defeat it. I will admit, if the rumors are even remotely true, this movie’s going to have a hard time, credibility-wise. You’ve got two walking weapons platforms, a robot with an Infinity Stone in his noggin, and Spider-Man up against two hand-to-hand fighters, a dude with machine guns who can fly, a guy with a bow and arrow, and a dude who gets tiny.

That said, if the movie features Hawkeye defeating Tony Stark with a goofy trick arrow, which happens a lot, all will be forgiven. Bonus points if it’s a boxing glove arrow.