Cara Delevingne On That Awkward ‘Good Day Sacramento’ Interview: ‘People Don’t Understand British Humor’

It’s been 24 hours since Paper Towns actress Cara Delevingne took part in that awkward Good Day Sacramento interview. Since it hit the Internet, many have both come to her defense and attacked her for her seeming lack of professionalism. The model/actress has finally decided to explain her side of the story — on Twitter, of course — and it basically boils down to people’s inability to understand the British sense of humor:

After re-watching the interview, it’s quite obvious that at least one of the anchors may not have understood her “jokes” as he allegedly had quite the dumbed down childhood. Still, Delevingne’s lack of energy may have been due to the previous night’s premiere which probably translated to a fair amount of partying and a possible lack of sleep.

Hmm, maybe a Red Bull could have done her some good after all.

(Via The Wrap)