A Star Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals He Was Not Chosen To Be The New Spider-Man

The casting of the new Spider-Man — who will appear in Captain America: Civil War before launching yet another Spider-Man reboot as part of a deal between Marvel and Sony — has been the source of a lot of speculation over the last few weeks. It looked for a while like Asa Butterfield was the frontrunner, and then he apparently fell completely out of contention.

Meanwhile, the son of Norman Reedus — who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead — was asked to audition as Spider-Man, but he refused, saying that he didn’t want to “ruin his life.”

Chandler Riggs — who plays Carl on The Walking Dead — apparently had no reservations about ruining his life, as he apparently did audition to play the new Spider-Man. He, however, was not successful, and according to Riggs, he’s been told he’s no longer in the running.

Quite frankly, it’s a huge surprise to me that he was even in the running, not because Riggs is a particularly bad actor (in fact, he’s gotten considerably better over the years), but because I’ve never really seen him associated with anything beyond The Walking Dead.

In fact, given the time he’d have to devote to a new Spider-Man franchise, it’d be very difficult for him to continue doing The Walking Dead, and the fact that he’s even auditioning for it may suggest that he’s got doubts about the future of his character on the series.

At any rate, Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe are currently considered the frontrunners to land the role of Spider-Man.

(Via Twitter)