A Star Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals He Was Not Chosen To Be The New Spider-Man

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06.15.15 9 Comments

The casting of the new Spider-Man — who will appear in Captain America: Civil War before launching yet another Spider-Man reboot as part of a deal between Marvel and Sony — has been the source of a lot of speculation over the last few weeks. It looked for a while like Asa Butterfield was the frontrunner, and then he apparently fell completely out of contention.

Meanwhile, the son of Norman Reedus — who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead — was asked to audition as Spider-Man, but he refused, saying that he didn’t want to “ruin his life.”

Chandler Riggs — who plays Carl on The Walking Dead — apparently had no reservations about ruining his life, as he apparently did audition to play the new Spider-Man. He, however, was not successful, and according to Riggs, he’s been told he’s no longer in the running.

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