Check Out The First Full Trailer For Pixar’s New Emotion Picture, ‘Inside Out’

Disney Pixar let out the teaser for Inside Out a few months back, but now we can get a taste of the full thing with all the Kyle MacLachlan we can stand. The theme here is emotions, of course. Hence the name “emotion picture” in all of its punny glory.

We get to see a bit of how the characters are going to act in the movie, including a bit more time with Lewis Black and Bill Hader. Amy Poehler doesn’t seem to be around, but I’m sure we’ll get more of that when we’re hit with a more plot driven trailer closer to the films release. Or hey, we could just see the movie and get it all there. Amazing, right?

It looks like a fun movie and I always like it when Pixar leans towards a newer concept than one of their old standbys. Toy Story 4 is going to be a big hit, but the things like Wall-E are what still interest an old bastard like myself. They fill my head with ideas that I could make an animated feature one day, and then I drink more beer and fall asleep at the kitchen table.

(Via Disney / Pixar)

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