Tom Holland Reunites With The ‘Avengers’ Directors For A Very Different Role In The ‘Cherry’ Trailer

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have re-teamed with Tom Holland for their follow-up to the highest-grossing movie of all-time. No biggie.

In Cherry, the Spider-Man star plays a U.S. Army medic whose life unravels after he returns home from war. He deals with an undiagnosed case of PTSD with opioids, and he pays for the drugs by robbing banks with his wife, played by Ciara Bravo. It was a heavy role for Holland (he’s not a friendly neighbor anything), but the actor was up for the challenge.

“You get a taste of Holland’s incredible performance in the movie and the range that he displays as an actor,” Joe Russo told Entertainment Weekly. “I think you’re seeing him transform from a teen actor into an adult actor.” He added, “Tom is playing a character who makes some self-destructive choices, but he’s so charismatic and likable. It was important for us that the audience go on a journey with him when he makes those choices.” As for why they went from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an opioid drama, the Ohio-born Anthony Russo explained, “We’re acutely aware of the existential blight that has gripped the Midwest in a lot of ways and made it ground zero for the opioid epidemic. We’ve known a lot of people close to us who have been hurt by the epidemic.”

Cherry premieres on Apple TV+ on March 12.