Chevy Chase’s 4-Step Plan For Getting Your Workplace Staff To Hate You

Chevy Chase is more than just a comedic actor, he’s a misery wizard whose brand of scathing and caustic quips and actions have become the stuff of legend. Once considered to be a personality on the cusp of greatness — on TV and in film — Chase has essentially blackballed himself from the spotlight through continually setting fire to every relationship he has come across in the world of entertainment.

For those who wish to learn a thing or two from the master of self-destructive social skills, please allow Professor Chevy Chase to be your guide to the unemployment line with this blueprint for becoming the most hated person in your workplace.

1.) Alienate Your Peers

You may look at this step and immediately think that a properly executed, off-color hazing will do the trick. The lady a few cubicles down from you, for instance, may have a steady routine of going to the bathroom more often than your other co-workers. Eschewing the fact that she has IBS and is embarrassed about her frequent trips to the crapper, you might create a cardboard timeline of every time she drops a load, complete with fecal shaped embellishments, and pictures to provide evidence. Now, place that piece of brilliance in the break room and relish in her red-faced shame. Not bad, friend, but you can do better.

Chase 101 suggests that you go for the “long-con” approach, not just a “one off.” Let these instances of f*ckery accumulate and intensify with each event of a**holishness.

Some jerk named Bill Murray takes over your position in the company after you quit solely for the intentions of getting laid? Fist fight him. A nice lady named Jane Curtin thinks she can fill your gigantic shoes in your former news assignment? Remind her she’s a woman — A WOMAN! — and that her gender has no place making others laugh. Oh, since we’re talking about women, don’t forget to insinuate that all they’re good for is hand reliefs when you visit your former workplace a few years later.

Finally, you’d be remiss to not skewer the gay guy in your office; he’s an easy target, so just let a few homophobic comments fly in his direction and try to avoid slipping in a puddle of tears when he’s sobbing in the breakroom.

2.) Physically Assault Your Co-workers

Sometimes, sticks and stones are much more effective than verbal barbs, so make sure to allow your hands to become callused, dry and unpleasant to the touch just in case you have to throttle, poke or judo chop one of your co-workers in the event they say something you don’t appreciate or if you just generally don’t like their face.